Julie is sensitive to the financial and emotional needs of family law litigation and is
willing to put in the extra effort necessary to achieve a successful result. She will discuss the many options avaiilable to you for your ultimate resolution.

Our areas of practice include a wide range of family law issues, including:

  • Divorce
  • Custody and Residential Agreements
  • Paternity Testing 
  • Third party visitation
  • Financial agreements
  • Separation contracts
  • Child support
  • Domestic violence
  • Modifications of Child Support and Modificatons of Residential Schedules

Julie makes herself available to give progress reports or answer client questions when they arise, during office hours, after hours via cellphone or within 24 hours. She takes pride in her ability to describe complex issues to her clients and make the legal process less intimidating.


  • American Bar Association
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • King County Bar Association
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • ABA ADR Mediation
  • Better Business Bureau Arbitrator
  • Volunteering

    KCBA honors Julie Renner as the September volunteer of the month. We recognize Renner for her work and dedication to the Self Help Plus Family Law Program (SHP).
    Please see full article below*

    *September 2011 Bar Bulletin

    Volunteer of the Month
    Julie Renner

    By Cynthia B. Jones
    KCBA honors Julie Renner as the September volunteer of the month. We recognize Renner for her work and dedication to the Self Help Plus Family Law Program (SHP).

    Tanya Wanchena, SHP program manager, said that Renner “is always extremely willing to assist with reviewing cases and provides me a clear and concise review of all legal documents I send to her.” One of the assets Renner brings to her work, according to Wanchena, is that she reads over a case and considers alternate ideas and scenarios, which is very helpful in preparing for changes along the way.

    Wanchena explained that some of the SHP cases involve complex issues and she appreciates that Renner is on top of potential issues that may arise. “She is a true asset to the SHP volunteer panel,” said Wanchena.

    We engaged Renner in a little Q&A to learn more about this well-liked and admired volunteer attorney.

    Q. What is your favorite quote?

    A. The Honorable Learned Hand stated, “If we are to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment: Thou shall not ration justice.” This remark has become a hallmark in the quest for equal justice.

    Q. What do pro bono clinics mean to you?

    A. It is my core belief that everyone deserves equal access to justice. Everyone deserves a zealous advocate.

    One does not decide to engage in pro bono activity in order to get recognition. One volunteers first and foremost to help people or to promote a cause. It is a matter of having a passion for helping people to find the means to take control of their own lives.

    People who come to a pro bono clinic find help and protection and hope. It is a matter of struggling against exhaustion, against social exclusion, against loss of dignity, against scorn and prejudice. Working at a pro bono clinic is a matter of refusing legal mediocrity and recognizing excellent representation results in freedom of another.

    Q. How does the KCBA Self Help Program help others?

    A. Pro bono clinics such as SHP provide legal help to the most vulnerable in our community providing dissolutions and, more often than not, protections against mental or physical injury.

    Q. Why do you volunteer for the KCBA Self Help Plus Family Law Program?

    A. One of the most important aspects of the SHP is the efficient use of the attorney’s time. This program is organized so that the attorney can maximize his/her efficiency and help the greatest amount of people. In addition, the attorney is augmented with help from professional paralegal and support staff.

    Q. What do you dream of doing?

    A. I have always wanted to be a peacemaker. I have worked as a mediator for a decade and believe when people have the ability to solve their own problems they should be offered a forum to do so. There is nothing more magical than what is known as the “miracle of mediation.”

    Q. Did your work change over time?

    A. I started out as a mediator for the County of Los Angeles and then became a solo-practice, family law lawyer. Mediation and law go hand in hand. One of the most valuable assets I bring to the legal table is the experience of mediation to law and law to mediation.

    Q. What do you do for fun?

    A. I love hiking in the forests of Washington and the hills of Los Angeles. I’m a gym rat. I love sitting on a rooftop in Seattle or the cliff’s edge in L.A. overlooking the beach.

    I also have so much fun watching my children’s journey. My oldest daughter is a brand new lawyer working as a prosecutor in San Diego, my son is a biomedical engineer at UCLA and the youngest is in NYC doing exciting work in advertising and media at Blooming­dale’s. We have three rescue dogs, one who is almost blind, one who doesn’t have teeth and one who is just cool to hang.

    Q. Favorite food?

    A. The most delicious thing I have eaten lately is salmon pulled right out of a remote Alaskan bay and cooked right on shore. Most delicious drink? Margarita made with freshly harvested Alaskan glacier ice. You will find me in downtown Seattle chilling at McCormick’s after battling at the courthouse or flying down to the beach in L.A. on the weekends for the best Mexican food ever.